Toddler and Dog Playtime – Tips for Keeping the Peace

Say it isn’t so, weatherman!  It looks line New Jersey will get our first bit of real snow this weekend.   That means indoor toddler and dog playtime.

toddler dog playtime

Now what to pick?  [Read more…]

Sweet and Spicy Orange Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe for the Carrot Hater

When I am making something with carrots, like my orange carrot ginger soup recipe in this post, I think back to a ride I had on the A train in NYC.


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Toddler Dance School Drop-Out – Bye Bye Mommy & Me Class

My kid is a dance school drop out.  As soon as I could sign her up — practically in utero given how early these classes start — there was my daughter ready to feel the rhythm and the groove.   We could bond (why hello mommy-guilt).   She could learn how to follow directions.  It would be great.

So why did we drop out?   Was it our dread of the 8 People You Meet at Your Child’s School Performance (hey, hey look at me, I am featured on NickMom – say what!)?  So here is what happened.

toddler dance class

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Chocolate Lollipops Without the Candy Mold – MacGyver Would Be Proud

Pinterilious (n) state of getting a wild and crazy cooking/crafting/decorating idea and promising someone you can make that dream a reality without first checking supplies and/or talent.

My chocolate lollipops without the candy mold is the result of my recent bout with Pinterilious.

What happened?

Well, you see, what had happen was…

lollipop without mold, cooking with kids


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Lions, Tigers, and Toddler Play Dates! Oh, My!

toddler quotes, cleaning, play date

It was the night before our toddler play date:

ACat:  “Mommy, what are you doing? I’m a doctor (referring to her Doc McStuffins kit), let me help.”

Me:  “I’m mopping for tomorrow’s play date so the mommies of your friends do not think we are slobs.”

ACat:  “What?!”

And then my toddler with her mop head of curls watched in shock/awe/curiosity from our staircase as I frantically mopped our living room floors the night before we hosted our very first play date.  Apparently, the fact that I am mopping is entertainment for my child.   [Read more…]

DIY New Year’s Resolution Awesome Jar

awesome jar, mickey mouse, toddler crafts, DIY, new years resolutions, happiness, weight loss, positive thinking

My sister is the queen of seeing positive. She even has a bucket list and actively tries to find opportunities to tackle that list – like the time she participated in a flash mob.

The queen of positivity struck again. Last week, my sister sent me a link to something called an awesome jar as a great alternative to a laundry list of resolutions. [Read more…]

Play Better – Our New Year’s Resolution

new year 2015, goals for 2015, happy new year, new year resolution, working mom, toddlers

Sitting among a sea of toddler art is our brand new 2015 calendar waiting for the pages to be filled with fun adventures. There is something about the fresh pages of a calendar that challenges me to take a closer look at how I can improve and succeed at a new year’s resolution.   [Read more…]

Top 10 Sanity Saving Christmas Songs (Parodies on Holiday Classics)

Christmas parodies, children and holidays, meltdowns, humor

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas.  It is a day of magic and excitement – not to mention wonderful food.   This week, I hopped over to ASPCA Parents and offered a few tips on having a peaceful holiday with young children and pets.  Last night, my family and I kicked-off part 2 of our Interfaith celebrations.  Here is our spin on the classic Feast of the Seven Fishes (Next year’s goal is to try to make the traditional meal):

Feast of Seven Fishes,  Feast of 7 fishes, italian, christmas eve, sushi

All is great and wonderful Christmas morning (unless you have a tween, then your morning may have been filled with “whatevers”).  That is until the Christmas cookie sugar high fades.   [Read more…]

Road Trips – 5 Tips for Surviving with Your Sanity

road trip holiday travel pet travel car travel toddlers and car travel

Pop Quiz Hot Shots — Road Trips are:

a) a major contributing factor to my sanity disappearing

b) the reason I no longer offer rides to co-workers and friends

c) an “opportunity” to listen to the Frozen soundtrack on a loop for 7 hours

d) All of the above

If you picked “d” welcome to life of traveling with a small child and pets. [Read more…]

Holiday Shopping – According to my Toddler

toddler shopping, hanukkah, christmas

She was a pint-sized gal on a mission.  ACat sat in that familiar red cart with her eyes laser focused on on what to get her family for the holidays. [Read more…]