Gluten Free Green Pancakes with Sweet Grilled Pineapples (St. Patrick’s Day Treat)

There are two things my three-year-old argues not to eat:  meat and vegetables.   We respect her wishes not to eat meat, but the veggies are a non-starter with my husband and me.  We’ve tried everything except offering a pony (although I’ve been tempted to research that possibility).  I even turned to an option I said I never would do — hiding veggies in food.   So came the idea for my gluten free green pancakes with sweet grilled pineapple.

gluten free green pancakes with pineapple

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Feel Lucky – Shamrock Shake Green Smoothie Recipe

The month of March means one thing for me:  McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes.    The cool taste, the mint, the whipped cream.  Pure heaven in a 22 oz container.     What if I told you that you can create the memorable taste of a Shamrock Shake in your own kitchen without the added shake to your derriere? Introducing my Shamrock Shake Green Smoothie.

shamrock shake green smoothie

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Sweet Snow Cream (Snow Ice Cream Recipe)

Sweet Snow Cream (aka Snow Ice Cream) sounds like a crazy recipe idea when all you want to do is to head to the top of the a mountain and scream let go it to get rid of winter.

snow cream snow ice cream

From the bitter cold days to the snow that just won’t melt, I am itching to see the first leaf bud on a tree this year.   ACat has been stuck indoors without a chance to fully release her energy.  Mr. Happy barks as soon as he goes outdoors, and often refuses to go out.

rescue dog snow cream snow ice cream

And I’m missing my chance to train for my first 5K with everyday it is too cold to go for a run.  As a native of Buffalo, NY, I have lived my fair share of bad snow storms.   So my frustrations come from an extensive background.   This winter is rough.

ACat, who is always the optimist, helped me see just a little more excitement in this winter, with what I hope is our last snow.   When she saw all the snow outside of our house, she went wild.   She ran to grab every snowflake.

snowday snow cream snow ice cream

Her excitement got me thinking about one more fun winter project.  We built a snowman, went for a sled ride, and enjoyed a movie snuggled indoors.  One thing we didn’t try yet was snow ice cream. Super easy to make with a toddler. Given my desire to eat clean, I was sure to use vegan/gluten free ingredients.

After dinner, ACat dressed in her regular evening attire of a Queen Elsa gown excitedly joined me in the kitchen to make Snowcream.

Sweet Snow Cream (Snow Ice Cream) Recipe

(Serves 4-5) (5-10 minutes)

snow cream snow ice cream


  • 8-12 cups of fresh snow
  • 2 cups of rice milk
  • 3 TBS of Agave
  • 2 TBS of Vanilla
  • Candies for decorating

Step 1: Set up all of your ingredients (except for the snow) at your work station.  Snow melts quickly so this is a critical step you should not miss.  Our set up with “Queen Elsa” looked like this:

snow cream snow ice cream

Step 2:  Grab snow from an area you know is clean (bonus points if you run outside in your shorts like I did because I am from Buffalo and do crazy winter things like that).

Step 3:  Pour in Rice Milk

Step 4:  Add agave and vanilla

Step 5: Mix all ingredients and sample.  Like this:

snow cream snow ice cream

Step 6:  Add extra agave and/or vanilla to your taste. A toddler size taste test of the snow:

snow cream snow ice cream

Step 7:  Scoop out Snow Cream into bowls, decorate, and enjoy.

As an added bonus, the Chief got in on the action. He used snow to chill his evening smoothie.  The picture below speaks to how wonderful it tasted.

snow smoothie


Giveaway: myCharge – the perfect item for the parent on the go

Friends don’t let friends experience zero smartphone charge and today’s giveaway sponsored by myCharge will give you a chance to keep fully charged.

nyu washington square park kimmel center

Earlier this month, I had to travel into New York City a couple of days for my job.   My smartphone’s charge always takes a nose dive when I leave the garden state.  From staying on top of work e-mails to snapping photos like the one above to keeping me entertained on the packed commuter train ride, my smartphone goes through a mini-triathlon with each visit to the city.

This trip was especially challenging as I was running around a local university all day far away from an outlet.   What helped me through the day was my personal myCharge.  I simply tucked the device with the phone in my suit pocket and I kept on moving 800 different directions.

myCharge is a leader in portable charging solutions that’s been first to offer the most advanced solutions for a multitude of needs. Their devices boast built–in charging cords that emphasize portability and versatility, and powerful lithium polymer batteries that allow you to quickly charge your smartphone, tablet, eReader and other devices so that they’re ready when you need them! Ditch your dependency on cables and wall outlets – and let myCharge make your life a bit easier!  When we travel now as a family, we have myCharge with us.  Nothing is worse than the iPad dying on us.

For the month of February myCharge is offering the Limited Edition RazorPlus Bundle for $49.99 – in it you receive a RazorPlus with the imprint: We can charge right here right now.  The RazorPlus is anultra-thin rechargeable 3000 mAh battery crafted from anodized aluminum that delivers an extra 13 hours talk time for your smartphone. You’ll also receive a shirt and a 22 oz. reusable/dishwasher safe stadium cup that is color-changing! The frosted cups turn green when filled with your favorite (possibly adult) beverage. Green is the new red after all!

myCharge is also giving away 20 of these Bundles FREE, so enter for your chance to win below!

myCharge Razor portable  charger for smartphone

Good Luck!

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This post was sponsored by myCharge, but the opinions and my happy face when my phone doesn’t die when I am on the road is all mine.

Toddler and Dog Playtime – Tips for Keeping the Peace

Say it isn’t so, weatherman!  It looks line New Jersey will get our first bit of real snow this weekend.   That means indoor toddler and dog playtime.

toddler dog playtime

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Sweet and Spicy Orange Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe for the Carrot Hater

When I am making something with carrots, like my orange carrot ginger soup recipe in this post, I think back to a ride I had on the A train in NYC.


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Toddler Dance School Drop-Out – Bye Bye Mommy & Me Class

My kid is a dance school drop out.  As soon as I could sign her up — practically in utero given how early these classes start — there was my daughter ready to feel the rhythm and the groove.   We could bond (why hello mommy-guilt).   She could learn how to follow directions.  It would be great.

So why did we drop out?   Was it our dread of the 8 People You Meet at Your Child’s School Performance (hey, hey look at me, I am featured on NickMom – say what!)?  So here is what happened.

toddler dance class

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Chocolate Lollipops Without the Candy Mold – MacGyver Would Be Proud

Pinterilious (n) state of getting a wild and crazy cooking/crafting/decorating idea and promising someone you can make that dream a reality without first checking supplies and/or talent.

My chocolate lollipops without the candy mold is the result of my recent bout with Pinterilious.

What happened?

Well, you see, what had happen was…

lollipop without mold, cooking with kids


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Lions, Tigers, and Toddler Play Dates! Oh, My!

toddler quotes, cleaning, play date

It was the night before our toddler play date:

ACat:  “Mommy, what are you doing? I’m a doctor (referring to her Doc McStuffins kit), let me help.”

Me:  “I’m mopping for tomorrow’s play date so the mommies of your friends do not think we are slobs.”

ACat:  “What?!”

And then my toddler with her mop head of curls watched in shock/awe/curiosity from our staircase as I frantically mopped our living room floors the night before we hosted our very first play date.  Apparently, the fact that I am mopping is entertainment for my child.   [Read more…]

DIY New Year’s Resolution Awesome Jar

awesome jar, mickey mouse, toddler crafts, DIY, new years resolutions, happiness, weight loss, positive thinking

My sister is the queen of seeing positive. She even has a bucket list and actively tries to find opportunities to tackle that list – like the time she participated in a flash mob.

The queen of positivity struck again. Last week, my sister sent me a link to something called an awesome jar as a great alternative to a laundry list of resolutions. [Read more…]