Your Playgroup Files A Restraining Order And Other Signs Your Child Might Be Sick

Mr. Happy to the Rescue

The evil cousin of the black plague hit the S Household this week.  Cuppy was sick, but what made it worse is that The Chief and I were down for the count too.  I’ll spare you the details, but if you hold stock in CVS expect the value to go up based on all the prescriptions, over-the-counter meds, tissues, water and Gatorade we picked up.   [Read more…]

An Entrance Fitting for a Diva


The Diva


Meet The Diva, our 8-year old pied cockatiel and our first hatched as we joke.  For the first three years of moving in with us, The Diva kept a BIG secret from us.   Let’s pull up the film reel and take a trip down memory lane.  [Read more…]

Yes…there is a mountain high enough to keep me from you

Question: If there was a mountain, and The Chief was on the other side, would that keep me from him?

Answer: Yes!

Why:  I don’t like to hike.  Period. [Read more…]

Overheard from the Baby Monitor – M.I.A. Diaper


“No wonder Cuppy is screaming bloody murder, you forgot to put a diaper on her!”




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Busted Deal: Our Day Care Center was a Zonk

First Day of Day Care! Ready to Take on the World!

Our struggle to find adequate child care for ACat was one of the most difficult challenges The Chief and I have faced.  We did our search and due diligence while I was pregnant, and reserved a seat in a classroom at a facility we shall call “Ninth Circle of Hell Day Care” months before ACat made her grand entrance.  We thought we were all set.  And then the first day of school came, and everything just crashed and burned. [Read more…]

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Man Your Battle Stations

The Negotiation


Cuppy and Mr. Happy have a great relationship.  Mr. Happy loves to lick Cuppy’s toes and Cuppy enjoys smiling at Mr. Happy.. When Cuppy’s antics get to be too much, Mr. Happy walks away. [Read more…]

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“Hello, My Name is Mr. Happy and I have a Problem”

Apparently photos like this, ones showcasing dogs gone wild, are popping up all over the web and folks finding them funny. It’s funny unless that’s what you deal with every day. Welcome to the S Household and our life with Mr. Happy.  Mr. Happy has separation anxiety.  For lack of a better phrase, he has nervous breakdowns every day on the hour.  [Read more…]

What We Needed…



Tonight marks the start of the Jewish New Year!  Apples and honey abound and familiar prayers in our hearts.

For the S Household, we used the past weekend to prepare for Rosh Hashanah in a way we’ve never prepared before.  Usually, we stress about temple tickets, travel plans and boarding The Diva and Mr. Happy.   This year, we said hello to year 5773 by staying close to home and embracing life.  [Read more…]

Saving My Daughter from Fashion Police’s Worst Dressed List


I love The Chief, really I do with all my heart.  Fashion, however, is not his strength.  Mastering all the 2 letter Scrabble words, yes.  Deciphering Bob Dylan’s mumbles, yes.  Knowing that white gym socks don’t go with loafers, no.

A couple of weekends ago, The Chief announced that he was taking Cuppy for a walk in our local park so I could take care of things around the apartment.  “Take care of things around the apartment” is code for clean our apartment. Yay, he gets to enjoy the park with the baby, while I clean crusted baby rice cereal off the straps of Cuppy’s high chair.  Ooh, sign me up.  I digress. (In fairness to The Chief, I am a bit better at keeping things organized, so it’s better for the household if I just quickly get through what needs to be done around the apartment).

The Chief was in a rush to escape our monster dust bunnies and volunteered to get Cuppy dressed.  I should have been worried, but I was elbow deep in Shout in a sad attempt to get strained carrots out of one of Cuppy’s outfits, to say something.

As The Chief walked quickly down the hall toward Cuppy’s carseat, I saw a flash of bright pink and bold red out of the corner of my eye.  Uh-oh, he has done it again.  Instead of taking a one-piece suit out of the drawer or a matching short and shirt set, The Chief decided to get creative.  The last time The Chief got “creative”, Cuppy went to day care wearing orange pants with pink hearts and a purple/blue toned tie-dye onesie.  The Chief proudly came home from work and reported that Cuppy’s teacher complimented his work.  When I asked what the teacher specifically said, The Chief replied “she said the outfit was very interesting.”   The Chief is clearly in denial about his abilities.  I just hope the teacher didn’t file a worker’s comp claim after her eyes were scarred by that hot mess outfit.

On this Sunday in question, The Chief went into Cuppy’s closet and took out a pink flowy dress with white trunks.  Cuppy would have looked cute if The Chief stopped there.   But no.  Instead of putting the white trunks on the baby, The Chief tossed the trunks aside and put a bright red “First Fourth of July” onesie on and the pink dress over that.  The result, mismatched colors & fabrics, as exhibited by the photo below.

SOS Message from Cuppy

Out of the bathroom I flew, scrubed my hands as I quickly as I could to get off the Shout and whisked away Cuppy to find something that she could wear out of the house without needed a paper bag to go over her head.

What’s the worst thing your baby has worn?


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