Overheard from the Baby Monitor: Kicked to the Curb

Taking a break from a typical Overheard from the Baby Monitor this week to have a little fun with photoshop, inspired by a recent very noisy trip.  Have a great week!

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What’s the Heck is on the North Dakota Driver License Exam

Yes, we all have had a bad day and gotten a few things mixed up.  Forgotten someone’s name.  Taken the wrong exit.  Mispronounced an easy word when reading in public.  Donna in the video below takes those mishaps to a new level.  Take a look for yourself:


Speechless?  So was I.  Maybe she has a memory issue or perhaps it’s a stunt for publicity, who knows.  [Read more…]

Manic Monday: “Don’t Bite Your Friends”

Yo Gabba Gabba has a funny little jam about not biting your friends.  I wish my dog could watch this video and learn an important lesson.

Let me set the stage.   Christmas Eve 2010. [Read more…]

Overheard from the Baby Monitor: Dog Days



Photo Credit: iStockPhoto.com


Erin:   “Mr. Happy, where are you? Mr. Happy, are you under the crib? Mr. Happy?!?!”

The Chief (from other room):  “Leave Mr. Happy alone.  He’s sleeping right now after a long stressful day of sleeping.”

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Follow That Bird…To New Opportunities

Source: party-ideas-by-a-pro.com via Tee Tee on Pinterest


The biggest bombshell of last night’s presidential debate wasn’t the KitchenAid snafu or Jim Lehrer’s sad attempt to wrangle in candidates, it was the revelation that Big Bird and his pals could get evicted from Sesame Street if Governor Romney is elected.

[Read more…]

That Vast Woof Tweet Waah Conspiracy

Source: someecards.com via Erin on Pinterest

Dear Cuppy, The Diva and Mr. Happy:

I’m writing to address your recent behavior.  Did I miss a memo or something?  For the last I don’t know how many weeks, you each have felt it was necessary to wake me up just before my alarm clock buzzes.   [Read more…]

Manic Mondays: Are You Ready To Rescue?



Readers:  Welcome to Manic Mondays with Mr. Happy.  Each Monday, I will feature a new post on life with Mr. Happy and how we’ve come to deal with his issues. 

Today’s Topic:  Rescue Pets

Mr. Happy’s Petfinder Photo Back in Fall 2010

We’ve all seen Sarah McLachlan’s animal rescue commercials or a terrible story on the news about abused animals.  Petfinder makes it so easy to locate these pets in need of a good forever home.  It pulls at your heart, you want to help.   The question is, are you the right candidate. [Read more…]

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