Overheard from the Baby Monitor: Cuppy’s First “Word”




My darling Cuppy is refining her communication skills each day.  It really is a beautiful thing to observe.  She waves bye-bye and looks at Mr. Happy and consistently calls him the same one syllable sound.  This is cute, but nothing, I mean nothing, prepared me for the conversation below.

Me:  Who do you want to be with, mama or dada?

Cuppy: Dada (spoken with perfection diction and looking toward The Chief)

Yeah, sucker punch.  And to add gasoline to the fire, every time Cuppy says “dada” when The Chief is around,  she says it with such pride and enthusiasm, bouncing and opening her arms for him to pick her up.  You would think Big Bird lives in my apartment.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am very happy that my daughter can associate “dada” with her papa.   I’ll be even happier if her first sentence is “Dada, please go to the mall and buy mama a bag.”

What was your baby’s first “word”?

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Drop Kicking Sandy: Fist Pumps for Recovery

We Will Recover.  We Will Rebuild.

Blessed.  Incredibly blessed.  That is how I feel right now.  Hurricane Sandy did not negatively impact my household.  We had a small (and brief) water issue, but other than that, we were just fine.  We celebrated Cuppy’s First Halloween.  We watched too much tv.  We gorged on candy.

I cannot say the same about my fellow New Jerseyans and New Yorkers.  The images out of the Tri-State area and the Twitter and Facebook updates get overwhelming.  You want to walk away.  You don’t think you can help given the nature of the damage.  Let me assure you that people are hurting here.  We need your help — any help.  We need you to donate funds.  We need you to send basic necessities.  We need you to just pray that this hell ends.   People here do not have food, water, power and heat.  Families have lost their homes to flood waters, fires and extensive tree damage.  People are dead and missing.  Don’t even get me started on the gas situation.  Tempers are about to flare here if people do not receive help (for example: Life in the Rockaways).

The recovery isn’t about getting Snooki back down the shore for MTV, it’s about helping regular people.  The people who work hard to build their homes and businesses, who love their family and who laugh and shake their heads at the Jersey Shore show as much as you and I do.  This is the New Jersey that I’ve grown (albeit reluctantly) to love and the New York where I first learned how to live on my own.

There is so much you can do to help whether you’re a mile away or many miles away. Give your time, your talents and your treasures.  Here are some suggestions:

NYC Service

New Jersey Service Options (Summary of Options, with links)

American Red Cross

The Community Food Bank of New Jersey

The Humane Society of the United States

That $10 you would put toward this week’s pizza or to see a movie could go a long way to help those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Don’t forget about the smaller scale operations, who need support!  Here are some suggestions:

– Like New Jersey Needs on Facebook to connect with smaller shops who need assistance during this time with the recovery effort.  Page has everything from helping a local church to helping the rescue and utility workers – you name it. The FB page is not a charity, rather a central board to connect you with small shops.

St. Hubert’s Animal Rescue Center — This animal shelter is without power, but they are still servicing animals. This remarkable organization helped Mr. Happy many moons ago with his behavior issues, so I feel personally vested in helping this organization.

Give Later.   Organizations, agencies and houses of worship will certainly need help later.  So look to donate goods, etc. down the road to ensure continued support for the recovery efforts, especially if your resources are tight with the holidays.

Social Media and the Road to Recovery.  Facebook and Twitter continue to keep me informed of the recovery efforts and ways I can help.  For New Jerseyans, be sure you are following Governor Christie & Mayor Booker on Twitter.  I follow the local “patch” websites for the areas surrounding me.  On the New York side, be sure you are following Governor Como, Mayor Bloomberg and the news outlets.  Fellow mom bloggers have been awesome in keeping me in the know. For example, check out: SweetInSAHMnity and MommyinNJ

Tomorrow, I will return to humor and fun.  Today, I thank you all for considering giving a bit of yourself to help my home state of New York and my new home state of New Jersey.  For those suffering through this recovery, know that the S Family is praying for you and are trying to help.

Fist Pumps for Recovery.


Pinterest Fail: The S Family Semi-Homemade Halloween

From traveling for work to dealing with Hurricane Sandy to trying to buy a house, things have been hectic in the S Household.  I let my blog, my one little outlet, take the back burner.  I wasn’t happy about this, but now things are starting to go back to normal* (*normal as my life can be, it’s all relative) and I can go back to having some “me” time.   I’m back and ready to write!

Happy 1st Halloween!

Yesterday was Cuppy’s First Halloween.  After fighting me for the past 5 days to try on her costume, The Chief walks in after work and Cuppy stopped the protest and happily put on the costume.  She’s a daddy’s girl already.   [Read more…]

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