Children’s Book Review: Blucy (and a Giveaway)


Photo Credit: Erika LeBarre

Photo Credit: Erika LeBarre

Yesterday evening, Cuppy and I welcomed the newest addition to our overflowing collection of books — Blucy, by Julia Dweck.    Julia kindly provided me with an advance e-copy, and from there, Cuppy and I snuggled around the iPad excited to meet the mysterious Blucy.   Stay tuned — there is an exciting giveaway connected with the release of Blucy. [Read more…]


That tiny, jagged edge cutting into the world

Overwhelmingly symbolized the

Ovations for milestones that followed; yet

That first tooth made me

Hold back tears for my child was no longer a baby


Word Count:  33 words

I am submitting the piece above in connection with the Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge.

Overheard from the Baby Monitor: Shoes

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Photo Credit:

Cuppy has one perk in life that neither The Chief nor I had — a cousin who is close in age.   After seeing Cuppy make a beeline for a cozy coupe car and my niece (born just a few months after Cuppy) dance the afternoon away – I see some crazy adventures ahead for these two.   Good thing The Chief and I have family going through the same parenting hiccups we experience.

This week’s Overheard from the Baby Monitor is from my brother, a fellow new parent:

“The toughest part about being a parent is keeping their damn shoes on.”

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