Busted Deal: Our Day Care Center was a Zonk

First Day of Day Care! Ready to Take on the World!

Our struggle to find adequate child care for ACat was one of the most difficult challenges The Chief and I have faced.  We did our search and due diligence while I was pregnant, and reserved a seat in a classroom at a facility we shall call “Ninth Circle of Hell Day Care” months before ACat made her grand entrance.  We thought we were all set.  And then the first day of school came, and everything just crashed and burned. Where to start: diaper rashes requiring medical treatment, teacher confused about tummy time and 2.5 year olds in the same room as our infant (even though we were told the room would only go to 1.5 years).  And this was just a small bit of our concerns from the first week alone.  It was a very rough and emotional time for our household. We were bamboolzed and hoodwinked.  Nevertheless, we gave notice to withdraw ACat a week after she began in the program.

We are now living happily ever after at a new fabulous, diverse day care center.  Teachers who love what they do and take pride in their work product.  This center offers an active parents circle, a huge classroom and best of all they change ACat regularly.

The Chief and I now laugh about ACat’s time at Ninth Circle of Hell Day Care.  Today’s post is a fun little PSA to parents thinking about leaving a day care center.

Top 10 Signs Your Day Care Center is a Zonk

10) Right after you receive a note to bring in toys, you see the director driving home in a brand new benz with the license plate that says “suckas”.

9) Who needs colorful art work, your kid has enough ouch reports to wallpaper Buckingham Palace.

8) The class pet is the rat that hides under the stove in the kitchen.  Guess what? It’s your turn to watch him this weekend.

7) School supply lists requests bottles, that bottles of tequila, for music and dance class.

6) When you say good morning, you swear you saw strained carrots on the side of the Teacher Helper’s cheek.

5) When you go to the office window to drop off the enrollment forms, the director asks if you want fries with that.

4) You noticed all the other “babies” have fur and collars

3) Sign on Bulletin Board reads:  “Bake Sale on Thursday to bail Ms. Mary out of jail”

2) Received request to bring in Red Dixie Cups.  When asked why, told children will learn hand-eye coördination by playing beer pong.

And the #1 sign your day care is a Zonk…You catch a glance at the curriculum and you notice it is written in crayon and curriculum is spelled with a “K”

What’s your worst day care memory?