Pinterest Fail: The S Family Semi-Homemade Halloween

From traveling for work to dealing with Hurricane Sandy to trying to buy a house, things have been hectic in the S Household.  I let my blog, my one little outlet, take the back burner.  I wasn’t happy about this, but now things are starting to go back to normal* (*normal as my life can be, it’s all relative) and I can go back to having some “me” time.   I’m back and ready to write!

Happy 1st Halloween!

Yesterday was Cuppy’s First Halloween.  After fighting me for the past 5 days to try on her costume, The Chief walks in after work and Cuppy stopped the protest and happily put on the costume.  She’s a daddy’s girl already.   [Read more…]

Overheard from the Baby Monitor: Kicked to the Curb

Taking a break from a typical Overheard from the Baby Monitor this week to have a little fun with photoshop, inspired by a recent very noisy trip.  Have a great week!

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That Vast Woof Tweet Waah Conspiracy

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Dear Cuppy, The Diva and Mr. Happy:

I’m writing to address your recent behavior.  Did I miss a memo or something?  For the last I don’t know how many weeks, you each have felt it was necessary to wake me up just before my alarm clock buzzes.   [Read more…]

An Entrance Fitting for a Diva


The Diva


Meet The Diva, our 8-year old pied cockatiel and our first hatched as we joke.  For the first three years of moving in with us, The Diva kept a BIG secret from us.   Let’s pull up the film reel and take a trip down memory lane.  [Read more…]

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