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  1. […] Our final stop is with Erin of WoofTweetWahh. With a toddler, rescue dog, and high maintenance bird, her life has quickly turned into a three-ring circus. When she’s not managing the circus, she’s working at her job in higher education.  Erin used to work around the clock in the fast-paced NYC corporate world, dining on sushi every night and functioning on iced coffee and diet coke.   After a few years (and enough mercury in her system from the sushi), I saw the light at the end of the Lincoln Tunnel and traded in the golden handcuffs for my life back.  Now Erin is a suburban NJ mom, who worries about school quality, the best deal for used toys, and dreams of getting a bigger, less fuel-efficient car.   Don’t you worry – she still makes happy hour.  It is now at 8:30 for the 2 minutes before she realizes the dishes need to be washed and emails need attention.  When Erin is not working in the office or managing the circus (or running from it), she’s busy writing and editing one of her two picture book series.  Be sure to check out these posts Bathroom Intelligence Failure  and Character Assassination Carousel: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. […]

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