#BlogU14: Lessons on Sisterhood, Living In the Moment, and Doing the Mom Dance

Cupcake Bar

#BlogU14 Cupcake Bar — Yum!

Very few things in the world can trump binge watching the release of a new series on Netflix, especially if it is Season 2 of Orange is the New Black after the cliffhanger end to Season 1.  The promise of breaking free of toddler bedtime drama for two whole nights to #GetSchooled by my favorite bloggers while being spoiled with a beer tasting, a cupcake bar, and a RetroProm, got me to quickly forget about the antics of Piper and the rest of the Litchfield Penitentiary crew. [Read more…]

Character Assassination Carousel: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Before I had Cuppy, I really thought some parents were being a bit dramatic when they said they needed a drink following difficult parenting moment.

Dance Recitals.  Drink.

T-Ball Games.  Drink some more.

Lego Injury.  Drink until the pain goes away.

Parenthood sounded like an endless round of the college drinking game, beer pong.  Was parenthood really that bad?  Was I going to end up chowing down on greasy pizza at 2AM?  Should I have registered for red silo cups? [Read more…]

Dreams for my Daughter: Trailblazing Not Twerking

Miley Cyrus Twerking Role model for girls

Trailblazing NOT Twerking

Photo Credit for Miley Cyrus Image Used Above

This week marked many celebrations in the S Household.   The Chief and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Cuppy started in a new class at day care (one with a dress-up corner, that’s a BFD in the toddler world). And, as a family – even our furry and feathered members – we welcomed the start of year 5774 with Rosh Hashanah.   [Read more…]

Celebrating National Dog Day (Manic Mondays)

National Dog Day Toddler

How do you thank the furry guy who cleans up after your toddler?

It’s National Dog Day!

Did you celebrate by sending your dog a 1800 Flowers floral arrangement, like this one: [Read more…]

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Children’s Book Review: Blucy (and a Giveaway)


Photo Credit: Erika LeBarre

Photo Credit: Erika LeBarre

Yesterday evening, Cuppy and I welcomed the newest addition to our overflowing collection of books — Blucy, by Julia Dweck.    Julia kindly provided me with an advance e-copy, and from there, Cuppy and I snuggled around the iPad excited to meet the mysterious Blucy.   Stay tuned — there is an exciting giveaway connected with the release of Blucy. [Read more…]

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That tiny, jagged edge cutting into the world

Overwhelmingly symbolized the

Ovations for milestones that followed; yet

That first tooth made me

Hold back tears for my child was no longer a baby


Word Count:  33 words

I am submitting the piece above in connection with the Trifecta Weekend Writing Challenge.

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